Everest/Lhotse Climbers Heading for High Camp!

The climbers left Camp 3 at about 6 am Nepal time heading up the mountain.   Our Everest climbers are on the way to the S. Col where they’ll take a few hours rest before heading for the summit this evening.

Ania and Tarke Sherpa will split off just above the “Yellow Band” and head up towards the Lhotse high camp for a few hours rest.

Above Camp 3 the climbers will cross the Yellow Band, and then climb up to the Geneva Spur before reaching the S. Col.  The views get better all the way to the top!

The weather has been good, and the forecast remains great for a summit!

I’ll attach several photos of the terrain they’ll be climbing today.  All photos are from prior expeditions, these are not from our team this year!   Click on the photos and you can open them up full size.

They left the laptop and Bgan internet terminal down at Camp 2, so we are getting updates via satellite phone, and relayed from radio comms with our base camp manager Dawa Sherpa.

We’ll be following the team pretty closely for the next 36 hours or so on their push to the summit and I’ll try to keep the dispatches up to date.

Bill Allen/Mountain Trip

Camp 3 Looking Down the Western CWM

The view from Camp 3 looking down the Western CWM.

Climbers in the Yellow Band with Camp 3 in the background

Climbers on the Geneva Spur


Climbers topping out on the Geneva Spur


From the S. Col looking towards the summit of Everest



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