Everest 2021 Meet The Climbers!

Everest Summit climbers

Welcome to the 2021 Mountain Trip Everest Expedition trip dispatches!  While most of the climbers on our 2021 Everest team haven’t yet left their homes for our expedition, preparations are well underway. All of the climbers joining us on Everest have been preparing for this climb for many years and even decades, many also had to postpone their 2020 climb so we are thrilled to make it happen in 2021. Every member of our team has climbed with Mountain Trip on previous high altitude expeditions.  This is a huge undertaking, but our team is experienced on big peaks and on high altitude expeditions and we expect to have a really strong group again this year!

We’ll be keeping folks updated through our expedition dispatches and you can subscribe to these reports so you get an email update each time we post a new dispatch by choosing the 2021 Everest Expedition in the sidebar and selecting Subscribe.  We’re looking forward to getting everyone on the team involved in posting these dispatches and hearing about their experience in their own words over the next two months.

The team will be meeting in Kathmandu in the next week as everyone gets their PCR tests and heads to the airport to fly to Nepal.  They’ll meet at the Hyatt Hotel in Kathmandu for a few days to make the final preparations before flying by helicopter up to the village of Namche where they will begin the trek into basecamp.  It’s quite a journey just getting to the base of Mount Everest with all the equipment and supplies for an Everest climb, but it’s an enjoyable adventure every step of the way.


Here’s the 2021 Mountain Trip Everest Climbing Team!

  • Scott Woolums – Expedition manager/USA
  • Jacob Schmitz – Lead Guide/USA and the Netherlands
  • Fischer Hazen – Guide/USA
  • Elsie Bezuidenhout – South Africa
  • Brad Foreman – USA
  • Daniel Laidig – USA
  • Ema Dantas – Canada
  • Marta Miztral – Poland/UK
  • Diarmuid Morrisey – Ireland/Portugal
  • Scott Cutlan – USA




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    • All the best to the team! May this be a safe and enjoyable one for you all.

      Really excited for our dearest Elsie! This is your dream. Shine like you always do. Know that we are proud of you and are with you in spirit. Fly that SA flag high and proud ❤️ lots of love

  1. Fantastic to see Elsie Bezuidenhout climbing!! Will for sure be following! Elsie, fly our SA flag high and may this year be the one to reach this long-awaited summit. Gee dit gas!

  2. Team – We are behind you every step of your journey!
    Brad – you are an inspiration and a badass. Onward and upward my friend.

  3. Go néirí an bóthar leat agus beannacht Dé ar an obair.
    Enjoy !
    The emerald isle awaits your return.🇮🇪

    • We posted several updates yesterday, please check your spam filters to be sure that you’re receiving these to your inbox. The team is acclimatizing at Camp One and doing well!

  4. I’m super excited for everyone for this trip. I’m looking forward in hearing more updates. Well wishes…Good Luck to the team as well as the bold and ambitious climbers!!!

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