Everest 2021- Headed to Camp 1

Everest expedition 2021

Scott Woolums, our Base Camp Manager, sent us the following:

2am Nepal Time – It is an absolutely gorgeous morning! It’s calm with an almost full moon lighting the icefall as the team departs. It’s exciting, as so much has gone into us being here, right now. Everyone seems a combination of nervous energy and elation as they enter the icefall.

All our Sherpas have launched as well. Some will go straight up to Camp 2 and some will help set up our Camp 1. The forecast over the next five days looks like some of the best weather possible, with almost no wind and only light afternoon clouds which is a very good pattern.
We will be watching progress today and we wish our team well!
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    • Hi Diarmuid,
      First time through the ice fall. We wish you well and every success. Stay safe and enjoy the adventure. Lots of love.
      Michele and Fergus

  1. Hi Daniel,
    We are following you and the teams progress, we are so excited for you. You are all in our prayers all the time, stay safe and enjoy each and every moment of the journey.
    South Africa

  2. Greetings all, especially eB.
    eB, you’re on the cusp of achieving a #1 bucket list item – dance, jump, punch the thin air…
    As you know, prayers are hopeless, but putting one foot in front of the other seems to work just fine – keep trudging upwards.
    If pNut could, she too would say, “Go, go, go!”

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