Everest 2017 – Update from Camp 2

everest 2017 camp 2

everest 2017 camp 2Looking at Camp 2 on the Mountain Trip/Mountain Madness Everest Expedition

Hello everyone, Jacob here checking in for the 2017 Mountain Trip Everest Expedition.

Yesterday we took a much deserved rest day. There were high winds outside and above us, so we just stayed in camp and enjoyed some good food and good company.

Today we enjoyed the beautiful weather and went for a walk to the base of the fixed lines on the Lhotse Face. The trip took us less than three hours and we gained about 600 feet of elevation.

everest 2017The team hiking back from their acclimatization hike to the bottom of the Lhotse Face.

Tomorrow we’re going to wake up at 6 AM, have breakfast and then climb up the fixed lines to Camp 3 and return back to Camp 2 for dinner. The plan after that is to take a rest day on May 4th and then descend back to EBC on Cinco de Mayo.

The weather looks good, everyone is staying strong, acclimatizing and enjoying the time up high before we head down to rest before the summit push in a few weeks.

Check back as we will let you know how our first trip to camp 3 goes.

Here’s hoping for clear skies and no wind!


Jacob Schmitz

Sarki our Basecamp CookOur Chief Cook, Sarki, whipping up some tasty grub!

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  1. Okay, hoping for clear skies and no wind, that’s just what we’ll do back
    home here. Thanks for the update and pictures. All the pictures I get,
    well, it just looks so beautiful there – windy, cold, dangerous – but very
    beautiful. Tell Chris his mom sends her love and says hello: Hello
    Chris! Love, Sandy

  2. Look at those beautiful skies! The pic with Lhotse Face in background just transports the viewer (minus the wind & cold – yay). Thanks for feeding our guys so well, Chief Cook Sarki! Good food means strong, focused climbers. In my mind I’m hearing Chris say (about the fixed rope climb to Camp 3), “It should be a fun challenge.” You’ve got this, babe.

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