Everest 2017 – Team Rests At Dingboche

everest 2017 team

The team is enjoying some rest and recuperation time in the relatively thick air of Dingboche, located at right around 14,000′ (4270 m).  Today, they took a walk up valley to Pheriche, stopping for the photo above at a “stupa.”  They are eating heartily and trying to build up their reserves in preparation for their next rotation up high on Mount Everest.

There are lots of moving parts on any expedition, and this sentiment is taken to the extreme on an Everest climb.  Jacob sent a shot of his personal kit that he left cached at Camp 2 when they descended.  Having sufficient kit, in the form of extra sleeping bags and puffy layers, means that he could leave a fair bit of weight up high and won’t have to carry any of it back up for their summit push.

everest 2017 cached kit at c2

It’s remarkable how the scent of vegetation can resonate!  At Base Camp, there is none and the smell of life was pungent as the team dropped down to Dingboche.

everest 2017 dingboche

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  1. Thank you again for the beautiful pictures. It is so nice to know I can be in communication with you.
    The pictures are all so good, too. Impressive, I guess I wy ould say. I thank you for closely honed
    skills that you can actually reach out to families at home. Thank you. I hope Chris is doing
    okay and tell him I love him. Thanks Sandy

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