Everest 2017 – Team Pushed Up Lhotse Face

Jacob Schmitz sent us some nice shots from the team’s foray up the steep and icy Lhotse Face.  The group climbed up the fixed lines to the site of their Camp 3, in order to both further their acclimatization and to familiarize themselves with the lines.  Fixed lines are lengths of rope that are affixed to the slope using different anchors, depending on the conditions.  Climbers attach themselves to these lines using carabiners and a length of cord or webbing and often also using a mechanical camp known as an ascender.  These devices will slide in one direction (up!) and grip the rope when weighted downwards.

The team departed Camp 2 at about 7 am and made fast work of getting to Camp 3, arriving well before lunchtime!  The Lhotse Face is pretty icy right now as you can see in the photo below.

Everest 2017 Lhotse Face

After spending a bit of time at Camp 3, the team descended back down to Camp 2 for the night.  It was a tough day climbing to close to 7200m and the team welcomed a good night’s sleep at Camp 2.

Everest 2017 descending from camp 3

The Mountain Trip/Mountain Madness team descends out of Camp 3.  Camp 2 is visible below.

Back at Camp 2, they enjoyed warm bowls of garlic soup, followed by french fries, seasoned beans and cauliflower.

Great job everyone!!!

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  1. This is a wonderful milestone for our amazing group – congrats to all! The icy sheen on the route is so clear in the picture. Bet you all can’t wait to sleep in those tents perched together on the slope at Camp 3. Have a nice rest at Camp 2 and a smooth descent back to BC. Love to Chris from me & kitties, Terri

  2. Well, I think Theresa and Terri said it all, wow, what a day.
    Have a good rest and I’m sure you need it after a day like
    that. The ice looked really hard to traverse on. Sleep well.
    Love, Sandy

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