Down to Base Camp Ths Morning!

Up at 4.30am this morning and off to BC at 5.30am. Perfect, beautiful
morning. Cold and clear descending to Camp 1 first through the lower Western
Cwm, then into the Khumbu Icefall.  Always a nervous place.  Just last week a
Sherpa from a different team had a fatal accident just below Camp 1 here.
The team is doing super well, getting all the way to Base Camp in 3.5 hours
from Camp 2. What an amazing feeling getting down after being up high for
the last 5 nights. Warm, sunny, great food and Serki (our cook) made fresh
baked chocolate chip cookies for us! Quite a relief from the challenges of
being high for awhile. All of us enjoyed hot showers and fresh ground
coffee! Now we have a few days to just relax and recover. A warmer hello to
all back home. Some photos from the descent this morning.

Scott Woolums
reporting from Everest Base Camp!

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