Denali Update July 4… Stormy Independence Day

It’s been a stormy few days on Denali and temperatures have returned to “Arctic” in the Alaska Range in the last week.  We went from some record breaking hot days with sunshine, right into a classic Denali low pressure storm system with moderate winds, clouds and light snow.  Some of the teams managed to move up to high camp (17,000 ft) from Camp 3 (14,200 ft) on the 3rd of July, but the June 23rd team and the June 24th private team are both waiting out the weather at Camp 2 (11,000 ft).  Windy Corner is living up to it’s reputation and kept the teams from moving up to Camp 3.

The forecast for the next few days isn’t great, but they’ll all be hoping for a break and chance to move again.   The forecast is just a guess, and they’ll get up every morning and stick their heads out of the tents and see what the day brings.


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