June 22nd Denali Team Checks in from Camp 2 (11,000 ft)

The June 22nd team checked in this evening from Camp 2 at 11,000ft. They’ve been having some trouble getting a call out on their satellite phone, but they’re back in business and will continue to call in dipsatches each day if possible. Jesse made the call this evening and reported that everyone is doing great and they’ve been enjoying beautiful summer weather on Denali. Today they cached food and fuel up above Windy Corner at about 13,500 ft and then returned to the 11,000 ft camp for the night. They plan to pack up their tents and move camp up to Camp 3 at 14,200 ft tomorrow.

Here’s Jesse with the evening dispatch:

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  1. Hi Jesse, Graham and team!

    Thanks for the update — sounds like everything is going well. We are cheering you guys on here in Piedmont!

    Henry, Minnie and Hilary

    P.S. Happy Pride Day!

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