May 19th Team at 11,000

Ryan is back with the team after making a lap to base camp, while Adam, Linda, and Aparna made a cache up at nearly 13,000 ft.  They are a small team of 4 now, and they’ve got their cache in, so they are ready to move on up to Camp 3 at 14,000 ft as soon as the weather gives them a chance.  There is finally a bit of a break in the forecast as the next week is expected to warm up a bit.

Here’s Ryan from 11,000 ft.

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  1. Ryan we’re glad you’re safe and are praising God for your expertise and ability to continue with another team up the mountain.

  2. Good to hear your voice. Glad you made it down, now I will be praying you all the way back up again. Be safe love you lots so glad you are able to take another group up.

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