December 26 Vinson Team is moving to Low Camp

Today dawned with lighter wind, well, it actually did not “dawn,” due to the 24 hours of light in Antarctica, but the wind had slackened when the team awoke.  They decided to push up to Low Camp today, pulling sleds full of food and supplies up the Branscomb Glacier.  There are low clouds, but as long as the wind remains low, they’ll be in campabout three hours from now.

The trip up the Branscomb takes roughly 5-6 hours.  The glacier presents a very moderate slope, with one short steeper bit where the glacier turns left ahead of the climbers.  There are some crevasses at the bend and beyond, but it is pretty straight forward traveling.

Vinson route

Looking up the Branscomb Glacier.  Low Camp is just out of view to the left of the image.

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