December 26 Mount Vinson Trip is poised to fly!

The team just finished weighing all their bags for the flight to Antarctica, scheduled to depart early tomorrow morning.  The staff from the flight service weigh each pack, box and duffel and then take all the kit away to load the aircraft.  Seeing the duffels disappear can leave climbers with a very tangible feeling of “Here we go!!”  After a couple of days in town, seeing sights and attending meetings in preparation for the flight, this act really feels like it takes you a giant leap closer to the destination.

Vinson expedition

The team is ready, having just finished the last of their pre-departure jobs!

Today will be spent sightseeing around Punta Arenas.  Depending on the scheduled time of the flight, which will be announced soon, they will probably get a good night’s rest, as the day flying to Antarctica can be pretty hectic, well… at least the time before and after the long flight itself…

Vinson expedition

Looking out over the colorful Punta Arenas, Chile

The flight departs from the airport in Punta Arenas, and as the team will be leaving the country of Chile, each will have to pass through customs, immigration, etc.  They will then walk across the tarmac and board the Russian IL-76 aircraft for the 4.5 hour flight to the Union Glacier.

Vinson expedition

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