December 2019 Aconcagua Team – ON THE SUMMIT!

The team is on the summit!!!

Congratulations to the team, who just called in from the top of the Americas.  They started in the dark at about 5:30am, climbing by headlamp for the first hour.  The summit route starts up the north ridge of the mountain, and trends to the east side for a bit, which enabled the climbers to enjoy the warmth of dawn.  A few hours into their day, they popped over the north ridge and continued the rest of their ascent on the west side of the mountain.

The last hour and a half are tough, as they climbed up a steep gully known as “The Canaleta.”  Topping the Canaleta, they climbed along the summit ridge until they could scramble up some blocky terrain to the summit proper!

Once again, the team enjoyed beautiful weather, and we are fortunate to have received a phone call from almost 7000m in which you cannot hear a breath of wind.  That is not the norm for Aconcagua!

By 10:45am Mountain Daylight Time, they commenced their descent.  They will take their time, enjoying the fine weather and we expect to hear from them in the next 3-4 hours.



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