December 17 Aconcagua Team Final Dispatch

Here’s a final dispatch from the December 17th Aconcagua Team from guides Kristen and Jason:
Now that the winds have settled, everyone has had enjoyed several refreshing showers, and some much needed rest, we can reflect on an amazing experience on the highest peak in the Americas! 
The team worked hard for a week and a half to set themselves up for a successful summit day. Early the morning of December 30th we all set off for the summit and were rewarded with a sunrise projecting the shadow of the peak of Aconcagua across the mountains below. The team worked incredibly hard, and after 9 hours everyone was ecstatic to be on top. It was an emotional moment for the entire team, as everyone had sacrificed time away from family and many weeks of hard training in order to set themselves up for a successful expedition. It took every last ounce of energy from each team member to reach the safety of high camp and a bowl of the tastiest Ramen Noodles anyone had experienced in recent memory! 
The following morning we all woke to strong winds and threatening storm clouds, and were happy to be descending to a freshly prepared New Years Eve dinner in Plaza de Mulas. A slumber party in the Grajales dome tent (in which everyone agreed was the best night of sleep yet), a toast of champagne, and the first snow of our trip greeted us in Plaza de Mulas. The trek out the Horcones was incredibly beautiful with a dusting of snow covering the mountain tops. Everyone was laughing, and with a record number of selfies and directed short films being created we finally had reached the end of the trail and the end of the expedition. 
As a guide team we truly appreciate the memories created, and the efforts put forth by every member of the team! It truely takes all of your heart and soul to make it to the top. We look forward to following your future adventures, and to experiencing more memorable moments in the mountains with all of you! Thanks to everyone for being a part of the Mountain Trip family! What an amazing experience.
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