Happy New Year From Plaza De Mulas

Dean Stoios called in from the 14,400′ Plaza de Mulas Base Camp on the west side of Aconcagua to wish everyone a Happy New Year!

The team descended a vertical mile today after a hard earned summit bid yesterday.  The route drops off the north ridge via a series of huge scree fields that make up what is called the “Normal Route” up the mountain.  It makes for a quick descent to the relative luxury of Plaza de Mulas, which is a bustling camp.  The team will spend the night and then embark down the Horcones Valley to the trailhead, with a goal of reaching Mendoza tomorrow night.  The hike out is a long, tough one, but it is mostly downhill, so the miles roll by fairly quickly.  The team is strong and doing well, so they should reach the trailhead in about 6 (+/-) hours of hiking.

Great job everyone!  Here’s Dean:

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  1. Matt Mills

    Your family is sooooo proud of you and we miss you. Great Accomplishment. See you soon!
    Sam, Kathryn, Emily, Mom, and Dad

  2. Richard Mac Callum

    Wishing you all a great party in Mendoza ! Be sure to drink a few bottles of Argentina’s finest Malbec. You deserve it.

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