December 16 Aconcagua Team Carries To Camp 3

Despite the high winds above, the team pushed loads of food and supplies to High Camp today!  They worked hard, climbing a somewhat steep hill immediately above Camp 2 and then traversing up and north to access a shallow basin that drops off the north ridge of Aconcagua.  Switchbacks led up the basin, passing bizarre rock formations and finally seeing the team reach the 6000 meter elevation!

aconcagua high camp

High Camp on Aconcagua, looking to the northeast.


Julia gave the update today, while Fermin cooked another tasty meal for the crew.  At Camp 2, there is one-half the available oxygen per lungful of breath than there is at sea level, so it makes sense that she was a bit winded!  Everyone is doing great and the fact that they pushed loads up today bodes very well for the team.

Julia does give a shout out to her co-workers.  Unfortunately, she’ll probably arrive back at the office a bit later than planned, due to the weather challenges the team is encountering.  On behalf of Julia and the Mountain Trip Family – thanks for rallying to cover for her!!  She’s doing great down on Aconcagua and will undoubtedly arrive back home with renewed energy and productivity!

Here’s Julia:


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  1. Hi Liina (and the others unknown).
    Good luck for the summit, hope you make it and back in good condition. You are very brave, wish to experience something alike with you sometime. See you back in the office soon!
    Take care,

  2. Julia – Don’t worry about us. We went ahead and released 8.0 — just kidding. We are piling work on your desk. It will be there anytime you come back.

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