December 15 Mount Vinson Team – Meet the team!

Our second Mount Vinson expedition of the season is assembling in Punta Arenas, Chile, finalizing their preparations for an attempt to climb the highest peak in Antarctica.

Lloyd Hudson is joining us from South Africa.

Atanas Skatov is joining us from Bulgaria.

Jacob Schmitz will meet the climbers at the Union Glacier airstrip and lead them up Mount Vinson.  Our good friend Dan Elsberg met both climbers at the airport and will help them with the logistics of the days until they board the flight to the Ice.

Vinson expedition

Lloyd Hudson, happy to be in Punta Arenas!

The climbers will spend the next couple of days enjoying Punta Arenas and attending some meetings that are required of all climbers flying to Antarctica.  Their flight south is scheduled for the morning of December 18th and we will keep everyone updated as their expedition unfolds.

Best of luck to the climbers and welcome to Punta Arenas!

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