Dec 18 Aconcagua Team – Pampas de Lenas

Milo called in with the dispatch last night! The group hiked about eight miles (roughly 5 hours) up the deep Vacas Valley to their first camp at Pampas de Leñas located at about 9,000′ (2,750 m).

The hike took them through high desert terrain, with scrub plants, bristly grasses and the occasional colorful chuckawalla lizard. They walked along the west bank of the Rio Vacas, passing several tributary creeks and gullies as they made their way to Pampas de Leñas (Prairie of Firewood).

Fermin prepared a traditional “asado” of grilled meats of sausage and pork, one of his many specialties. Accompanied by butternut squash, potato and red wine. The team will be well fueled for their adventure!

Today the team rose at 7:30am. It will take them about 6-7 hours to get to the next camp. Tomorrow they will be arriving basecamp!

Here’s Milo:


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