Dec 18 Aconcagua Team – Casa De Piedra

Fermin called in the dispatch update for the December 18 Aconcagua Team last night! He reports that they are doing very well and enjoyed a lovely dinner of ravioli with a delicious meat sauce. The team was able to get a nice view of Aconcagua on their way to the Casa De Piedra camp. With the help of their mule team, the team is able to carry light packs, which allows them to enjoy these nice hikes and give them time to acclimatize to the new altitudes. The team camped at 10,000′ (3,050 m) at the junction of the Relinchos and Vacas Valleys. An old smuggler’s hut was erected here decades ago, and gives the spot its name, Casa de Piedra (House of Stone).

Here’s Fermin!


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