Dec 18 Aconcagua – Move to Camp 2

Milo calls in from Brazil! Wow, these guys sure can travel fast. Sounds like they’ve drug a teleporting machine up to Camp 2. Well, it’s good to hear the jokes are still flying and the team sounds like they’re in good spirits. I believe the team moved up to Camp 2 yesterday. The views from this spot are incredible. The team has eyes on Cerro Ameghino 19,616′ (5,978 m), as well as Cerro Mercedario 22,000′ (6,700 m), with the Gussfeldt Glacier crawling down the mountain. This camp is also known as Helicopter Camp, named after a crash more than a dozen years ago. Bits and pieces of the crash remain in camp to this day.

Here’s Milo!


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