Dec 18 Aconcagua – Base Camp

Well, based off this dispatch, it sounds like the team is having a great time together! They passed the sat phone around in a circle and took turns naming some memorable things so far about their trip and we heard a lot of laughter in the background! There must be some inside jokes starting to form already.

An early morning crossing of the Rio Vacas on horseback or mule, deposited the team at the mouth of the Relinchos Valley. The trail rises steeply from the mouth of the relatively narrow valley and involves some mildly exposed side-hilling as it climbs up into the broader upper stretches of the Relinchos. The 6-7-hour hike culminates at the Plaza Argentina Base Camp, where the team relaxes with cold beverages and warm hospitality. This is a tougher day than the previous two and as Base Camp is located at 13,800’ (4,200 m), it also involves a lot of elevation gain.

Here’s the team!


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