December 17 Aconcagua Team – Poised For The SUMMIT!

Jae Brewen called in from darn near 20,000 feet on the north ridge of Aconcagua this evening.  The team pushed up to their High Camp in advance of what looks like a substantial increase in winds.  The weather today was what we call “splitter,” meaning, well – prefect.  The forecasts all align and show an increase beginning tomorrow, so Saturday looks like their best shot at the top.

Today, they hiked up a short, steep hill immediately above their Camp 2.  They then followed a vague ridge that splits two old, “dead” glaciers until they climbed up a rising, northward traverse into a bowl with some bizarrely shaped, almost purple-colored towers.  This stretch of the route always reminds me of a Star Trek set, as the rock is quite literally a light shade of purple!  Climbing up through the valley, the finally exited onto a flat stretch of the north ridge, the site of their camp.

The plan is to awaken early and start their summit bid.  Let’s hope the wind continues to hold off!

Here is Jae:

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