Aconcagua Team – Resting at 18,000 Feet

Dave Montesanti gave us a ring on this last day of the decade, checking in from 18,000′ at Chopper Camp.  The team is doing great, feasting on pizza and steaks at one-half an atmosphere!

Dave gave a nice shout out to two of the team who departed from Base Camp, following a nasty bit of altitude funk.  We reached out to the climbers today and shared regards from their teammates who are back home in Salt Lake City.  Altitude is often a crap shoot, and while John and Cassie aren’t with the expedition physically, everyone knows that their great energy is helping fuel the climbers upwards.

This team has really gelled into the definition of that word.  They have been incredibly supportive of one another and each, as you can tell from Dave’s message, fills a vital roll amongst the team.

Happy New Year from the Mountain Trip Family!!!

Here’s Dave –


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