Merry Christmas From Camp 1 on Aconcagua!

Aconcagua Team Leaving Base Camp

Mountain Trip guide Jason Denley called in from Camp 1 at 16,400′ on the flank of South America’s tallest mountain. The team made good time as they climbed up a rocky moraine and across an old glacier that once moved material from the eastern side of Aconcagua. Everyone is now tucked into camp, after a dinner of tacos and Toblerone chocolate for dessert.

Today was the first day of actually moving up the mountain, as they have left the comforts of Base Camp and will spend the next week or more camped in three successively higher camps.  The plan for tomorrow is to carry loads of supplies another 1,600′ higher to a camp known as Helicopter Camp or “Chopper Camp.”  At 18,000′, that camp is located just below the site of a decades-old helicopter crash.

The team hollered out an enthusiastic “Merry Christmas” to friends and loved ones at home!  Enjoy!

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