Cerro Pissis Team Expedition Dispatch

The guys are doing great up high in the Andes mountains today. They hiked most of the way from Base Camp up to Camp 1 today to continue acclimatizing and get some good high-altitude exercise. They made it up to around 16,700 feet today and then returned back to Base Camp for the night. They are following the “climb high, sleep low” program to work their way up the mountain as their bodies adjust to the increasingly thinner air. Tomorrow they’ll head up to Camp 1, and a unique aspect of this climb is that the truck can drive nearly all the way to Camp 1, so they won’t need to carry loads until leaving for Camp 2. The weather has been great and the forecast for the next few days continues to look good for their summit attempt in a couple of days!

Here’s Jesse Yon from Base Camp: Recording

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