Aconcagua Team at Casa de Piedra

Day #2 of the trek!  The climbers are enjoying beautiful weather and trekked for about 5 hours today, continuing up the Vacas Valley leading up towards Aconcagua.   They ended up at a camp called Casa de Piedra (House of Stone) where there is an old stone shepherds shelter.  The camp is at the confluence of the Rio Vacas and the Rio Rellenchos and looking up the Rellenchos valley they get their first views of Aconcagua.  Tomorrow they’ll continue on the last day of the approach trek, turning up the Rellenchos valley and up to basecamp where they will settle in for a few days.  They’ve been enjoying the trek, carrying daypacks with mules hauling their food and equipment up to basecamp.

Matt called in with the team dispatch this evening, click the link below to hear the call!

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