Carstensz Team – Update from Sugapa

I just spoke with Scot Woolums, calling from the small, remote village of Sugapa, deep in the rainforest of West Papua.  They arrived a day early; however, there does not seem to be an option to fly out early, so it looks like they will spend the night in the village.  The good news is that the natives are going to roast a pig for the occasion!

Scott described the trip as one of the best adventures he has had in years, and coming from someone who has climbed Everest seven times in recent years, climbed remote volcanoes in the Atacama, spent seasons in Antarctica, and taken epic offroad motorcycle adventures… that speaks volumes!  It sounds like it was equally difficult and challenging, with days of hiking in deep mud, with increasingly cold rain falling, as they gained altitude.

After reaching base camp, Joe and Scott made good time on the climb, reaching the summit and returning in just 10.5 hours.  As we’d heard previously, the rain did not let up for their summit bid, so they were pretty chilled and soaked after their climb.

Tomorrow, they plan to fly to Timika, catch a connection to Bali and should be in their very comfortable resort hotel by evening.  Scott will post photos from their trip as soon as they have a decent cell signal or internet connection.  We’ll keep you posted!

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