Carstensz Climbing Team in Timika, Papua


Carstensz Climbing Team in Timika 2018

                 The Carstensz Climbing Team in Timika


Mountain Trip Carstensz Climbing Team Reporting from Timika!

Long night last night. Leaving Bali at 1.30am for the 4 hour flight to Timika, West Papua. That’s all the way across Indonesia. Arrived here just after sunrise this morning. Staying at a fantastic new hotel in town, the Ossa de Villa. Big day going over equipment, schedules, permits, then a nice lunch at the Rimba Papua Hotel. Hot and sunny today so confidence is high for tomorrow’s helicopter flights to base camp. Planning 2 flights at 6 and 7 am tomorrow.

The team is excited to be one step closer to Carstensz Pyramid!

Will update everyone tomorrow.

Scott Woolums reporting from Timika

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