Camp 2 Life

This is our last day at Camp 2 for this rotation up. Went for a hike up to
below the impressive Lhotse Face today to around 22,000 ft.. SO far the
ropes have not been fixed up to Camp 3, soon. 2 of our sherpas are on the
team that will put lines in this year. Meeting tomorrow, hopefully fixed
lines going in on the next day. Its been a good stay at both Camp 1 and 2.
Eevryone was looking good on the hike today. Tonight will be our third night
at 21,500 ft. That’s enough for now as you have to balance acclimatization
with starting to actually deteriorate at these altitudes. Our sherpas have
been working hard and we now have over half our Oxygen here at Camp 2.
That’s a good start towards getting the close to 100 bottles we need up to
the South Col high camp. Tomorrow at 5am we are descending back to base camp
for our planned rest and recovery. Everyone is very much looking forward to

Scott Woolums reporting from Camp 2 Mt Everest.


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