Camp 2 Life

We are enjoying our 6 days here at Camp 2. We have been fortunate to have some really great weather thus far and have 3 days left before we head down. Bill, Neal, Ephi and Chris climbed to Camp 3 at 24,000 ft. today as part of a planned acclimatization trip.

News Flash- Neal and Chris skied the Lhotse Face in perfect style from Camp 3 down. They had perfect weather and a great ski line in pretty much ultimate conditions! We will post photos from that in a separate update.

Tomorrow Scott, Irek, Newall and Gregg will make out foray up to Camp 3 for the day. The weather is looking good and our weather forecaster is predicting stable conditions, at least until May 7th when more winds are expected to kick in. We will be going down to Base Camp on the 8th, Bill’s team will probably descend a day before we do. All in all, it was an exciting day here at C2.

Cheers from Everest Camp 2!

Gregg and Irek having lunch at Camp 2

Some of the Sherpas at Camp 2

Mountain Trip's Camp 2

Another shot of our Camp 2 at 21500 ft

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