Camp 2 and getting ready for our Summit Push!

May 16th, Camp 2

We had another great day here at Camp 2 watching the weather, perusing the forecasts, and organizing our gear for our summit push. It was another warm and sunny day here in camp, but it looked a bit windy up high today. We’re all excited to get up at 3 am tomorrow (not really that excited to be up at 3…) and head up to Camp 3. We’ll leave here early to beat the heat of the day as we’ll be taking off in our big down suits in the morning. It’s still looking good for us to summit on the 19th, but the weather is still a guessing game at this point.

We’re ready to go, we’ve got our oxygen, tents, and coffee in place at camp 3 and the S. Col. Everyone has been trying out their down suits in the evening and we’re looking good for sure.

It’s a nervous, anxious, and exciting time as all of the effort we’ve put in for the last month and a half is coming to a head here in the next few days.

We’ll try to post again from camp 3, we’re bringing a little Mac Air and bgan to check weather, but we’ll see how it goes with that. Otherwise we’ll call in our daily dispatches and try to keep folks up to date.


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