Camp 2!!

May 15, Camp 2

We made it to Camp 2 in record time this morning, everyone did great coming up here and it really looks like our team is going to be strong. Now it’s just the weather game… We’re still checking multiple forecasts, getting updates a couple of times a day, and still hoping to go up for a May 19 summit. We’ve got a rest day here at C2 tomorrow, so we’ll have all day to get into it, but so far it’s holding in there pretty good and we’re optimistic.

This morning was another beautiful one, and the typical afternoon clouds have now made it up here to C2 so things are cooling off this afternoon. After getting settled back into camp here, we had some lunch, and were able to nap/read/watch movies this afternoon. It feels so much better this time up here, after our previous acclimatization rotations and getting some good recovery down low, we all showed up stronger and better acclimated than ever. It’s pretty exciting to be on the summit push this time up, and we’re all nervously optimistic that we’ll get a good day and get to move on up.

There have been several early summits this year, so there isn’t a big crowd shooting for the same summit window as we are, which is great for us. We hope to have the summit to ourselves, which might not be realistic, but at least we won’t up there with lot’s of other teams.

That’s it for now.

Bill Allen

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