Camp 1!!

Our team is up at Camp 1 tonight at over 21,000 ft!  They were able to give us a quick call on the satellite phone this evening to let us know they were doing great.   They traveled through the Khumbu Ice Fall for the first time of the expedition, and it sounds like everyone did great.  It took them about 5 1/2 hours to get from base camp up to C1, which is a good time for the first time up there.  They plan to spend 2 nights at C1 with a full rest and acclimitization day, and then move on up to Camp 2 for about 3 nights.  This is the first “rotation” up the mountain for acclimating, and it is generally a tough one.  On their next trip up, they’ll be much better acclimated from the first rotation, and should be feeling good.

They’re working on getting the satellite modem working for dispatches, but may just wait until they reach Camp 2 where they’ll settle in for a while.   Until then, all is well for our team!



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