Blue Skies in Lobuche!

We are all currently in the small village of Lobuche, arriving yesterday morning
accompanied by clouds and wind. Today we are enjoying perfect weather and great
views all around. Part of the team climbed a 17,000 ft peak near here with
amazing views of the whole Everest region.  We also toured the Italian Pyramid
Research station this morning where they conduct altitude research as well as geophysical and topographical study. Tomorrow we are off to Everest Base Camp. Will have a few days there acclimatizing, settling in, sorting equipment and
doing some practice in the lower icefall. Looking forward to getting settled in up there.
The trek has been a blast, but its time to start looking upwards, and the
view is filled with Mt Everest!

Scott Woolums reporting from Lobuche, Nepal

Monkey See, Monkey Do!

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