Blue skies, but wind today

They woke up to blue skies this morning, but the wind was raging up higher on the mountain throughout most of the day.  Jared called in this afternoon to get the forecast, which isn’t any better for the next several days.   They are still doing well, and trying to stay motivated to be up there, but it’s wearing a bit thin.   It is difficult to stay up there for many days and an uncertain forecast, but they are going to be ready to summit again tomorrow if they get a weather break.

Another team led by our friend Rob Gowler at AMS went up as far as Denali Pass today, but was turned around by the wind.  This was their last day for a shot at the summit, so they just wanted to see how far they could get in unlikely conditions.

The June 28 Mountain Trip team is moving to high camp today, and will be arriving this evening.   The June 26 crew blew off some of their extra energy today by helping to dig tent platforms and build walls with snow blocks to help out the arriving expedition.  It’s always helpful to have some friends up at high camp with a hot drink and a hand setting up camp.

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