June 22 Ski Team at Camp 1

Durny left a message from Camp 1 this morning.  They left base camp late last night and had great conditions on the lower glacier.  It was a cold night and froze solid, so they skinned up the firm surface of the glacier.  This morning as they arrived at Camp 1 (7,800 ft) it was clouding up and began to rain…   Not unheard of on the lower glacier in the summer, but unwelcome nonetheless.   They are settled in for the day and will continue to travel in the wee hours of the morning tomorrow to take advantage of freezing conditions, unless it just continues to rain.   There is a link to the Denali forecast on the right side bar of the blog if you would like to check out the forecast, as well as a link to the Talkeetna Air Taxi webcam looking up to the mountain from Talkeetna.

The sat phone is breaking up a bit in this call, but it is Durny saying all is well and they are in C1.

[audio:http://mountaintrip.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/audio-post-2011-06-25-18-34-38.mp3|titles=Audio Post]
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