West Rib Team- Larson Calls From high Camp

Eric called in to report that Joerg, Kelly and he are all back at high camp after what can only be described as a great day of climbing.  It sounds like conditions were really good for the upper stretches of the West Rib, which ascends out of high camp and across a number of rocky steps before climbing up and through steep snow slopes to an even steeper exit coulior that took the team to the summit plateau.

On a route like this it is imperative that they descend methodically and carefully, as the majority of the accidents that have occurred on their part of the mountain have happened during the descent.  The team took their time, employing numerous strategies to increase their margin of safety.

Great job Joerg, Erick and Kelly!!!!

Here is Eric Larson:

[audio:http://mountaintripdenali2011.files.wordpress.com/2011/05/audio-post-2011-05-28-06-28-43.mp3|titles=Audio Post]
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