Happy Aconcagua Climbers at Camp 2

After a couple of rough days of wind and weather the climbers were jubilant to be able to climb up to Camp 2 today.  The weather was beautiful as they climbed up today and they are enjoying the expanding views as they move up the mountain.

There was some celebrating up there today, listen to the team from high on Aconcagua!


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  1. Alright Andrew- best mate!! Hope you are having a great time with all of your new mates on the mountain. Good to hear that you are in good time so I can BEAT you in our little game again!!
    All mum keeps going on about is how she found a packet of 6 individual bags of onion rings and she’s bought them for you!!

  2. Hey, Reinnette, good going. We’re glad that the weather has improved and that the team was able to advance. We’re attentive to your news. Tell Sean that he may be highest, but he’s not alone. Lots of support down here at 1600 m! Take care, Normie & Paul

  3. Great job Veronica! keep your self warm and safe. we love you too!
    I hope you get good weather for your camp 3 and summit days. we are all pulling for you! Charlie says “Hi mommy! I love you!” and he wants me to tell you that he is going on a field trip next week.
    Take care Sweetie!

  4. Message for Peter. Have just logged onto the website as I suspected that you might be getting close. All fingers crossed from a very damp Cumbria!!!! Edward

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