At 14k!

I got a call from 2nd guide Henry Munter last night- the team moved yesterday from camp 2 to camp 3, 14,200′ (4328m) and were settling into a big meal after a long hard day.  This expedition is fortunate to have another Mountain Trip team ahead of them, this means they can save hours of hard labor building a solid camp by simply moving into a nice, solid well-constructed one recently vacated.  Henry reported very icy conditions coming around windy corner, conditions that lead guide Dave Staeheli said were the ‘second worst conditions ever’, which means a lot less snow than usual; the guides managed it well and everything went smooth.  The team sounds strong, and all are reported will most likely sleep in this morning to wait for temperatures to climb a little, then eat a big breakfast and walk down the trail to pick up their cached food and gear.

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