Arrived in Everest Base Camp Today

Another perfect day and now most of the team is in Base Camp! What a great
feeling to be here after 9 days of trekking. Trudi and Chris are spending
the night in Gorak Shep, the last village on the way in so they could climb
Kala Patar together today. Everyone is doing well and enjoying the relative
luxuries of the Mt. Trip base camp. Hot showers, fantastic food (chicken
sizzler tonight!) and now a celebration complete with a Welcome to Everest
Base Camp cake! We are planning on spending the next few days here before
starting our climb. The route to Camp 2 is in and some of our sherpas have been up there working on getting camp established. Things are moving fast with the route open earlier than normal. Our plans are to enjoy a rest day, then our Puja,
a blessing ceremony that’s extremely important for the sherpas. We are looking at
the 18th or 19th before moving up to Camp1 and 2. Hi to all back home!

Scott Woolums reporting from Everest Base Camp

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