Everest Team back together at Camp 2

Sunny day on Everest!  Fischer and Sonam moved on up the Western CWM from Camp 1 to Camp 2 to rejoin the team yesterday and Ema is headed home already after a night in Kathmandu.

The rest of the team is hiking up above Camp 2 today to the base of Lhotse Face to check out the route up towards Camp 3. They will make it a short acclimatization day and return to Camp 2 this afternoon. Several of our Sherpa team have carried loads up to C3  and are setting up some tents. We’ve got a strong team and they’re taking advantage of the stable weather to make some early progress in getting loads of tents and Oxygen up to Camp 3 already.

The plan is for the team to come back down to basecamp early tomorrow to complete their first acclimatization rotation.  Basecamp will feel luxurious and the air will feel thick when they get back down to 17,000 ft after 5 nights up high.

Namaste from Everest Base Camp

Scott Woolums

Mt Trip Everest Expedition 2021

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  1. Well done on successful completion of your first rotation. Enjoy base camp. Fingers crossed you will have good weather the whole time.

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