April 22 team: Holding at camp 3

Yoshi checked in last night from camp 3.  The range had gotten some weather in the past few days, but at 14,200′ the expedition was looking down on the cloud tops and stayed in the clear.  Yesterday morning’s weather was unsettled, with winds in camp all night and 50mph winds forecast for high camp.  Dealing with the cold is one thing, but cold and windy does not make for a successful and enjoyable day of climbing in the mountains.  Instead of moving up the fixed lines to cache gear, the team roped up and traveled to the ‘Edge of the World’, which is the edge of the plateau on which the Aprill 22 team made their camp.  The Edge looks thousands of feet down into the Northeast fork of the Kahiltna and is quite the view.  Today they plan to move up and cache if the conditions permit.

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