April 22 team: carry to 16,200′

Lead guide Mikle Burmeister called in today, but the satellites were not in his favor and over three dropped calls in a row we finally managed to give him the weather report.  After a few minutes his Spot device checked in but showed the group in a location they were not; Spots are incredible when they work but are inaccurate from time to time.  The expedition moved up the fixed lines today, which are ropes left in place from year to year in order to safeguard a particularly steep and icy section of the West Buttress route.  They left a cache of gear at 16,200′ or so to make their move up to high camp as light as possible.  They plan to take a rest day tomorrow, in order to further acclimatize and save their strength for the big move to their final camp at 17,200′.

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