April 22 Denali Team – Meet the Team!

Mountain Trip has been synonymous with climbing Denali for decades and we are thrilled to launch or 39th season of guiding on the highest, coldest mountain in North America with the launch of our April 22 Denali Team!

Yesterday, a diverse group of climbers congregated in Anchorage, Alaska to make their final preparations for an attempt on one of the famed Seven Summits, Denali- Mount McKinley, at 20,230 feet (6194m).  Denali is a mountain of superlatives.  Climbers can expect to be battered by some of the highest winds on the planet, in the coldest environment imaginable, high altitude, arctic climbing, in the words of one of our senior guides.  The willpower and discipline required to climb this behemoth is unparalleled, and anyone attempting the peak should be applauded for their tenacity.

Let’s meet the team!


Angus Bruce Jones from the UK

Omar Samra from Dubai

Craig Wood from the UK

James Stearns from the UK

Ricky Munday from Canada

Mary Scannel from Ireland


Michael Burmeister from Alaska

Sebastian Grau from Chile

Yoshiko Miyazaki from Japan by way of Reno, CA

The team flew to the Kahitna Glacier today after registering with the National Park Service in Talkeetna, AK.  They are carrying a Spot GPS device along, which will allow you to follow their progress as they make their way up the mountain.  We’ve had some climbers bring these along, but this is our first year carrying them on each climb as a company.  Here is a link where you can follow the team, but please be gentle with us as we ondergo the learning process of such a relatively new technology!


HINT!  Click on the “satellite” button at top right of the Spot page for a very cool view of where the team is located.


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