Aparna Summits Denali – Her 7th Summit!

Great job Aparna!  Aparna Kumar called in from the summit of Denali, as she completed her goal to climb each of the famed Seven Summits!

Lead Guide Sebastian “Seba” Grau Kunhardt leads off the phone call from 20,310′ above North America.  Tenacity won the day today, as Aparna has been thwarted from previous attempts to summit Denali.  Climbing with Seba and Cory Schmidt, she pushed hard for two weeks climbing the West Buttress route this time.

Team Kumar departed High Camp at about 8:45 am and worked their way up the steep traverse to Denali Pass known as The Autobahn.  Pausing for rest at Denali Pass, a low point between Denali’s North (lower) summit and its South Summit, they continued up past iconic features such as Zebra Rocks and The Football Field before carefully negotiating the knife-edged and very exposed ridge leading to the summit.

We’re thrilled that we could help Aparna achieve her dream of climbing the tallest mountain on each of the seven summits.



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  1. YAY!!!! I am so excited Aparna, my dear 2017 Denali tentmate made it to the top of Denali and her 7th Summit! So happy for her!

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