Another beautiful day at Camp 2

Everest Camp 2, Monday April 4th

We enjoyed another lovely day here at Camp 2. The Sherpa crew carried a load up to the S. Col, which is our high camp, today. We are all amazed at their capacity to work up here at these extreme high altitudes. They got 15 loads of Oxygen Part of our team went for a walk up to the base of the Lhotse face for a bit of acclimatization. The rest of us had a relatively leisurely day and are preparing to hike up to Camp 3, part way up the Lhotse face, tomorrow. Neal, Ephi, Chris, and I will head out for Camp 3 at about 24,000 ft tomorrow to once again trick our bodies into acclimating a bit more, the rest of the crew will go up the following day. We’re on the last few days of our 2nd round up here, and we’re all starting to feel better with the altitude here. The next time up here, we’ll be on our summit push!

That’s it from C2 tonight, we’ll try to get one of these guys to call in a dispatch this evening.

Bill Allen

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