All Good after Testing at Everest Base

Latest Round of Covid Tests All Negative

Today was test day for the Mountain Trip Everest team and everybody passed! Scott Woolums has been in charge of covid testing for the team, and he spent the morning testing all members including kitchen staff, Sherpa team, and all climbers and he was happy to see all negative results today. We had a couple of tests fail to produce a result the first time, but had enough available to try again and got results we are confident in on everyone.

This isn’t the only challenge in front of our Everest team, but it was a big hurdle and we’re happy everyone is healthy and Covid-free in the Mountain Trip camp. They’ll maintain a “closed camp” and not interact with any other teams while our focus turns towards the challenges of weather and logistics for the summit push. So far, the cyclone that has been moving through India hasn’t produced a ton of snow on the mountain and should be clearing out in another day or so. We’re watching the weather and other climber traffic closely now as the team looks towards a summit opportunity at the tail end of this challenging season.

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  1. That’s fantastic news about the covid tests, now the weather needs to play it’s part and you have a successful summit. Sending lots of good wishes to Elsie and the team.

  2. Very good news!! Everything is slowly falling into place – it has been a long wait, Elsie!! But I am sure it will be worth it. Stay safe and we are routing for both you and the team for a successful summit!!

  3. Great news indeed! Praying the weather allows you safe passage – good luck Elsie and Team Mountain Trip!!

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