Aconcagua Climbers waiting out the weather at Camp 1

Our Aconcagua team is waiting out the wind again today at Camp 1 where strong winds and snow are keeping them mostly in their tents.   It’s been a couple days now and they are all anxious to get climbing again, but the spirits remain high and they are eating well.   They tried to pack up and move up to Camp 2 earlier today, but the winds rule the day once more.

Here’s Sean calling in the afternoon expedition dispatch from a windy Camp 1 on Aconcagua


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  1. Sean – here’s hoping for better weather and a great climb!! I would be lying if I said we were missing you – kidding! Safe Travels!!!

  2. Sean and Brian, Sure hope that wind dies down. I remember it can be brutal. The weather maps appear to look favorable in the upcoming days. Good luck Rainier Racers.

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