Aconcagua Team – Recap from Jacob

Aconcagua summit photo

The team on the summit of Aconcagua!

Hello Everyone and thank you for following the Mountain Trip Aconcagua expedition.
Looking back on this expedition, as I write this enjoying  a cold beer next to the pool in the very warm and lovely Mendoza, I can’t help but smile. We had a great trip, in that we had a strong and experienced team with pretty much, perfect weather. Up high, we did have a bit of wind and at times it seemed as though we might take a weather day but the wind would die off by  mid-morning.
We left high camp thinking that the good weather trend was continuing, only to have 10 to 20 mile an hour headwinds during the first five hours of our summit push. This made it one of my harder summit days in my eleven years of guiding on Aconcagua. Despite the wind, the team pushed through and was rewarded with a calm and crystal clear summit. We enjoyed having the summit to ourself for almost an hour before we made our way back to high camp.
In a few hours we are all going out to celebrate not only our summit, but the adventure as a whole, and new friendships forged, which is one of the great things about mountaineering expeditions.
I want to thank the entire team for all of their hard work and coming together as a group to make this a successful expedition.
It’s a small world.
Jacob Schmitz
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