Aconcagua Team Moves To Camp 1!

The team is on the move!  They moved up to Camp 1 at 16,400′ today.  Leaving Plaza Argentina, the trail climbs up a rocky stretch, which is the residual rock from a glacier that used to push east from high on the side of Aconcagua.  The glacier has largely disappeared, but portions of it were visible as the team climbed higher during the day. The valley became more broad as they climbed higher.  A final push up a series of steep switchbacks brought the team to the base of a huge bowl with a stream running along the bottom.

Camp 1 is situated above the stream, with views of the route above.  Looking east, the team can see all the way to the Vacas Valley, up which they hiked on their approach.  Aconcagua is notorious for its fierce winds, so climbers build walls of rocks to provide additional protection from gusts.  Our teams enjoy single walled tents, which do not flap nearly as much in the wind, helping climbers sleep a bit better during tough weather.

The plan is to carry loads up to Camp 2 tomorrow, a day that will take them to 18,000′.

looking east from camp 1 on aconcagua

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  1. The glacial till and U shaped glacial valleys brings back memories of my A level Geography! Enjoy the amazing scenery.

  2. Hi Jason and Fermin,
    I hope you guys are enjoying your trip and that you have a great climb with good weather.

    Petra from Dec 17 team.

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